Our concertina fire curtains have been fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4 – 2014 with a Fire Resistance Rating up to -/120/-.

Manufactured locally, the Fyrehalt – Evolution fire curtain/shutter is highly reliable and is made using a continuous overhead drive system and proprietary controls to prevent out of sync operation over massive spans.

Ideal for protecting openings in floor slabs, the Fyrehalt – Evolution can be installed in a multitude of configurations and shapes including rectangles, polygons and curves, and it can zig-zag across a building from one side to the other.

Fyrehalt Evolution can be installed in unlimited sizes consisting of 20 x 4m (max) legs.

  • Fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4:2014
  • Fire Resistant Rating up to -/120/-
  • Polygon shapes of many sides can be created (closed systems)
  • The system can zig-zag across a space and terminate against a wall at each end using proprietary galvanised side guides (open systems)
  • The system can be installed in a straight line, as an ‘L’ shape and as a ‘C’ shape
  • Gravity fail safe operation
  • Ideal for medium to very large openings