Smoke Control offers an exclusive range of smoke curtains providing unparalleled solutions regardless of application.

Our systems are a product defined by the EN12101 suite of Standards. This suite of Standards consists of over 10 parts and the intent is that Smoke Curtains are to be used in conjunction with the mechanical and/or natural smoke control systems also defined within EN12101 Part 1.

Smoke Curtains are permitted some significant concessions over Smoke Containment Screens such as perimeter gaps, elimination of side guides, overlapped modular sections and up to 15 degrees deflection from the vertical, which are all potential leakage paths.

It is intended that these leakage paths are address by the mechanical smoke control measure, creating opposable airflow.

Our range of Smoke Curtains includes Vertical, Horizontal, Concertina/Halo/Perimeter, Walk Through, Modular and Combined Fire & Smoke Curtains/Shutter options.

Speak to one of our sales specialists now about our smoke curtain systems for a hassle free quote 09 300 1980.

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Showing all 6 results