Ideal for medium to large openings up to 30m wide, the Fibershield – V long span fire curtain offers a single compact head box and coil to truly maximise open plan designs. The system provides Fire Resistance Rating up to -/120/- when tested in accordance with AS1530.4 – 2014.

Fibershield V is made in Germany using a single overhead coil supported with patented floating bearings to create unmatched reliability over long to very long spans.

Backed by extensive durability testing – in excess of 10,000 cycles as a single coil (no overlaps), the Fibershield V system performance is well in excess of any overlapped multiple coil system.

The Fibershield V system is extensively tested for pressure resistance, providing the highest pressure ratings of any fire curtain on the market, making it ideal for complex buildings with zone pressurisation and other mechanical smoke control systems.

Fibershield V has been installed throughout Australia since 2004.  In applications where openings are larger than 12m wide, Fibershield V has proven time and time again that it is the only viable option available.

  • Fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4:2014
  • Fire Resistant Ratings up to -/120/-
  • Approved for openings up to 30m wide
  • Also complies with EN12101.1 Smoke Curtains