Manufactured locally, this unique compact design allows Smokehalt V smoke curtains to be easily integrated into both existing and new buildings, assisting Architects and Building Designers to open up internal spaces and assist with way finding.

Smokehalt V is ideal for use in many building types such as atriums, shopping centres, warehouses and many other types of commercial and industrial buildings.

Smokehalt V complies with EN12101.1 Smoke Curtains and has also been tested in accordance with AS1530.7 for smoke compartmentation and may be used in lieu of a smoke door when used in conjunction with side guides.

Smokehalt V smoke curtains/shutters are exported from our New Zealand factory into many high profile projects around the world.

  • Complies with NCC Specification E2.2b Clause 4 Smoke Reservoirs
  • Complies with EN12101.1, Rated D30 through DH120
  • Tested in accordance with AS1530.7 for smoke containment
  • Maximum sizes up to 24m2 with a maximum width of 8m