Smoke Curtains Into Aged Care Facility


Smoke Control are experts in providing solutions for aged care facilities. A smoke control system was required to protect the building occupants from illness and injury in the event of a fire. As a result, Smoke Control designed and installed 2 x Smokeshield S smoke curtains to protect void opening, preventing vertical smoke movement thereby maintaining tenability conditions.

The smoke curtain needed to be continuous, contain no side guides, reliable, fail safe and have remote operation from designated nurse stations.

Smoke Control are pioneers in life safety solutions specializing in products to create smoke control systems, passive fire protection systems and various other fire protection solutions. Smoke Control can provide solutions for specific projects with a comprehensive product range that includes smoke curtains, fire curtains, fire windows and rated glass, BAL-FZ (flamezone) windows, doors and shutters, solutions for building on a boundary, smoke containment, fire containment, smoke ventilation, natural ventilation and smoke windows.

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